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Now is the Perfect Time to Buy!

Thinking about buying a new home? If you are, this is the perfect time of year to do so! why? Well first off, it is always nice to see a property in this beautiful season. Sometimes when you go check out a house in the winter, it feels dark and dingy and doesn't give you the full feel that you were hoping for. But more important than the way the house looks, is that the interest rates at this time are very low, which means a great time to buy! According to, the average interest rate right now for a 30 year fixed mortgage is around 4.04%! It is always smart to borrow when interest rates are lower, it basically means the money you borrow is cheaper! So, if you are in the market and are seriously thinking about getting out and looking for a house, contact us at Distinctly New England! We would love to help you in the search for your dream home!


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